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Wedding veils are back in style and more popular than ever.

Wedding veils have been shunned by brides because of poor quality fabrics and a look that was too stiff and "puffy". Todays wedding veils are made from a softer fabric which not only makes a veil more comfortable to wear, but transform you into a Bride.

The wedding veil is the final touch to a wedding ensemble - it acts as a frame for the bride and her gown, while adding a touch of formality that is not found in other formal occasions.

A glossary of wedding veils....

BLUSHER: A shoulder-length veil that is worn over the face. Typically combined with other lengths and used for both formal and semi-formal weddings. When a beautiful brides lifts her blusher veil - everyone is reduced to tears!

Wedding VeilELBOW LENGTH: Generally used for shorter gowns without a train and will show off any detailing at the waist of the gown. Used for formal and semi-formal weddings.

FINGERTIP LENGTH: Should be worn with any wedding gown longer than tea length. It should fall right at the fingertips of the bride if her hands are at her side and is used for formal and semi-formal weddings.

CATHEDRAL LENGTH: Should only be worn with cathedral length gowns. They are worn for formal weddings and generally the veil will extend onto the floor at least six inches past the train.

Tips on choosing the right length for your wedding veil....

  • Your wedding veil should accentuate and be in proportion to your wedding dress without taking away from its details. Decide on the focal point of your wedding dress and choose a veil length that is above or below it.
  • Two-tiered veils are best on nearly all people because they are fuller and frame your face on the sides.
  • A blusher veil should be shorter than 36 inches, they need to be short enough to avoid your bouquet but long enough to flip back over your head acting as another layer on the veil.
  • Don't choose a short veil that might cover lavish details on the back of a wedding gown. If you want to show them off, choose a longer veil which is sheer and allows the details to show through.
  • For a bridal gown with a full skirt , choose an elbow length veil. The veil should end below a low back but above the start of the skirt.
  • Long veils are now very much back in style. A cathedral length veil creates a very romantic or ethereal look.
  • Your wedding veil should be attached your tiara with Velcro or snaps so it may be removed during the reception. Many brides find this a great solution to maintaining your hairstyle during the dinner with out having to deal with the inconvenience of the wedding veil.

Wedding Veils

Wedding Veils

Wedding Veils
Wedding veils are the crowning glory that complete a bride's look. First, choose the right cut and length, then customize your veil with our dozens of gorgeous edges and decorations.

Bridal Veils

Mid-Length Wedding Veils
Sensible, yet sublime. Our mid-length wedding veils combine the ease of a short veil with the formality of a chapel length veil. Choose from unique designs like mantillas and cage veils, or more traditional cuts, for a look all your own.

Long Wedding Veil

Long Wedding Veils
The gown, the shoes, the tiara, and then...the veil. It's what makes a bride, a bride isn't it? And nothing says formal, elegant and majestic quite like chapel or cathedral length wedding veils.