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Wedding shoes - complete your wedding ensemble with glamorous shoes.

The trends for wedding shoes in 2006 are very girly, girly, - look for lots of details including gems, bows and open toes. Plain pumps are sooo last year!

You have a found the wedding dress of your dreams, - now to find those beautiful wedding shoes that will complete your wedding attire. Your bridal shoes must complement your wedding dress, but equally important you must choose comfortable wedding shoes. You don't want poor fitting shoes to ruin your wonderful day. Be sure to wear your wedding shoes a few days before your big day to soften them and allow your feet to become accustomed to their style.

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Choose the best wedding shoe style for you....

There are many different styles of wedding shoes to choose from - a classic pump, strappy sling backs or elegant satin shoes dyed to match your wedding gown.

Embellishments add to the glamour, and continue the theme of your wedding gown right down to your toes. Look for bows, flowers, jewels, beading and color trims. Bridal shoes with too much added decoration will draw attention away from your dress, know when enough is enough. But if you have decided on a sleek, fairly plan wedding dress, then the sky is the limit for you.

Designer wedding shoes are readily available, if you have chosen a Vera Wang wedding dress, then you can finish off the look with Vera Wang wedding shoes. Even Jimmy Choo makes bridal shoes!

You will need to try your wedding shoes on with your dress. Be sure to confirm the return policy where you are purchasing your bridal shoes, and even better, order a few pairs in different styles and sizes, if you are undecided.

Heels add height and glamour....

The height of the heels of your bridal shoes will have an effect on how your dress will drape and will certainly affect the overall appearance of your wedding gown. Consider that you will be wearing your wedding shoes for most of the day and they MUST be comfortable. Choose a heel height and a profile that will carry you through the day and the night.

What about color for your wedding shoes....

Your wedding shoes should be the same color as your dress for a 'total look', or you might choose bridal shoes that make a statement of their own with a subtle contrasting trim. Consider adding tiny crystal or bead embellishments in a color similar to a flower in your bridal bouquet, this adds an unexpected touch of glamor and a hint of cheekiness.

If your wedding dress will be a color other than white or off white, dyeable wedding shoes are available. Take along a sample of your wedding dress fabric to be sure that the color is similar - always go lighter, rather than darker when dying wedding shoes. You will find dyeable shoes in a variety of styles including pumps, slings or sandals.

Wedding shoes for Brides who leave a larger footprint!

Brides who leave a larger footprint find the perfect wedding shoes at! for the best wedding shoe collection in larger sizes. Your shoes must fit well so you can dance the night away with stylish feet. Don't settle for bridal shoes designed for smaller bodies. Look for shoes designed especially for plus sizes brides and your feet will thank you.

Where to sop for wedingshoes online ....

Wedding Shoes from a stunning selection of top designers, from Vera Wang to Stuart Weitzman, in tons of styles.

Dyeable Shoes
We offer the highest quality dyeable shoes on the market. Here are some tips to getting them dyed the perfect color for you or your bridesmaids.

Bridal Shoe Designers
Who has the handle on the perfect shoes for your silk sheath? Which designer makes dyables to die for? Study the facts and your figure, and find out which designer is making plus size wedding shoes!

Bridal Shoes

Bridal Shoes

Bridal & Wedding Shoes!

Bridal Shoes by Grace Lilla

Grace Lilla Bridal Shoes
Get gorgeous high-heeled style from something low to the ground. Slingbacks show off a one inch heel with delicate embroidery and intricate beading.

Wedding Shoes by Shelley George

Shelley George
Oleander Bridal Shoes
Sassy slingbacks with a pointed toe show off detailed accents in rhinestone buckles and a smart satin ribbon and bow.

Vera Wang Bridal Shoes

Vera Wang Paula Bridal Shoes
From bridal designer extraordinaire Vera Wang. Exquisite and one-of-a-kind.

Dyeable Wedding Shoes

Cynthia Rowley
Star Bridal Shoes
Sling-back sexy from Cynthia Rowley.

Designer Wedding Shoes

Grazia Nicole Bridal Shoes
Sexy and sophisticated, this designer shoe from Grazia features slender ankle and toe straps atop a sultry 3 1/2" heel. Adorned with a shimmering rhinestone buckle and accent.