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Wedding Lingerie ~ The difference between a good fitting wedding dress and a great fitting wedding dress is the right lingerie.

The right wedding lingerie will help to support and enhance your wedding dress. By choosing good quality, well fitting wedding lingerie, you will not have to sacrifice comfort or style. Good lingerie should last for years and surprisingly, you may just wear it again. Choose nude or beige undergarments as they are usually the least conspicuous.

The wedding trousseau is a by- gone tradition, but one we think needs resurrecting. Why not stock up on beautiful bras and panties, gorgeous nighties and robes, sexy playful lingerie to help spice up your new life together.

Solutions to your wedding lingerie problems....

A Bra
Nowadays there's a style of bra to compliment every type of wedding dress, - strapless, backless, halterneck, underwired, reducing or push up. The key here is to find a well fitting bra that you are comfortable in and that gives a good support under your style of dress.

A Bustier is like a bra which has been lengthened to the waist. It's often boned and has the benefit of shaping you throuhg the torso. A Bustier can shave pounds off and enhance a dress' sillouette more than you might think.

Similar to a bustier, but the defining aspect of a corset is that it has laces which can be pulled tightly to define your figure. Corsets are mostly strapless and, as well as being very popular wedding dress foundation garments, are a favourite shape for the top half of a ball gown or fishtail dress if it is composed of separates.

A basque comprises of a bra, body control and stocking suspenders all in one and is a simple way of dealing with a lot of underwear! This is a sexy outfit to wear under a demure ball gown dress.

Garter Belt
Garter belts and stockings still top the charts ahead of tights or bare legs for bridal legs. Stockings come in two formats: hold ups or clip ons. The second type are attached to a garter belt which co-ordinates with the other underwear. Unless you are used to wearing hold ups (which can wiggle down), clip ons will probably feel more secure.

A girdle sounds like garment that most people's grandmothers wore, but todays girdles are more like cycling shorts.They offer great control for stomach and thigh control. A girdle creates a clean line over the stomach, bottom and thighs and are therefore great for clinging dresses.

Hooped Petticoat
Most ball gown dresses require a hooped petticoat to be worn underneath to keep the skirts fully extended and circular. You will usually be able to purchase one at the same time as you buy your dress.

Don't forget your garter! In American weddings, when the bride throws her bouquet to the ladies, the groom removes her garter and throws it to the men!

Wedding Lingerie Tricks & Tips

There's almost nothing you can't fake with the right underwear. Here are some favourite items to make wearing almost anything possible.

Strapless Solutions
If you don't want to wear a strapless bra but you've got very thin straps on your dress or top, clear bra straps are the answer.

Backless Solutions
Magicups - these stick on bra cups work for when you're wearing a dress that's cut very low at the back, for instance with a halter neck.
Back strap converter - this handy little attachment clips on to the back of most bras, lowering the strap line, and secures in front.

Front Solutions
Wth the 'slashed to the navel' look so popular, you should definitely have something in your lingerie wardrobe for such occasions. A wide set cups attached with an attractive but thin row diamante band, which can be seen in a low cut dress but doesn't look like a bra. Or the 'toupe tape' concept - an adhesive (very thin) bra that sticks to the breast, with double sided clear sticky tape to hold your clothing in place.

Toeless Solutions
Stockings and tights can make your legs look great, but if you wear them with open toe shoes make sure you wear either 'sandal' tights with no seam across the toe, or open toe tights and stockings, which are now available at most lingerie outlets. Extra stockings packed in an emergency kit are also a great idea.

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