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Your wedding hairstyle is your crowning glory.

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Wedding Hairstyles
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Your wedding hairstyle will be determined by the formality of your wedding dress and if you will be wearing a veil or headpiece.

Great looking hair, whether it is short or long, straight or curly has to be shiny, healthy and easy to manage on your wedding day.

Most importantly, your hair should be well cut and in healthy condition before the wedding day.

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How to decide on which wedding hairstyle is for you....

The design of your hair in relation to your bridal veil, the contour of your face and shoulders, and your gown neckline requires true sculpting and artistry. Some brides choose to do their own hair and makeup while others hire stylists to do it for them.

The decision on how to wear your hair on your wedding day is one best discussed with your stylist about 2 months before your wedding day. If you don't have a regular stylist - or if your hairstylist is not comfortable doing wedding hair, ask friends and family members if they could recommend a hairstylist who specializes in wedding hairstyles. Show your stylist photos of your dress and decide if a veil or a tiara is your best option.

No matter what style you choose, the best place to start is with a good haircut. Give your hair time to 'settle' after your haircut, but sure to set your appointment for your cut about 2 weeks before your wedding. Get a good trim, nothing more - now is not the time to make a radical change to your hair. Ideally your diet, exercise and sleep regimen have already contributed to healthy hair. Take a little extra time and have a deep-conditioning treatment at the same time to give your hair a little boost and shine.

Important considerations when choosing your wedding hairstyle....

Your main considerations are which hair styles flatter your face, the type of hair that you have, and the style of wedding dress that you have chosen. Make your choice based on what suits you the best and don't fight your hair. Luscious curls, flirty waves, shiny straight or a sleek chignon or sleek back- choose the best style for you and your hair.

In the weeks before the big day, do lots of experimenting with different styles and accessories until you're absolutely happy. Make sure you'll be comfortable and not self-conscious with the style you choose, and ideally it will last through the day and long into the evening without any fuss.

Suggestions for wedding hairstyles....

A practical alternative for the Bride with long hair who wants a formal wedding up do and then want to let her hair down for the party is just that - have your stylist sweep your hair into a soft knot and just by letting put a few pins, your hair with fall into soft waves on your shoulders. The trick here is not to use too much hairs pray.

For a Bride with shorter hair - have your stylist use fancy beaded pins to twisted into your hair into little "knots", later take the pins out, tousle your hair, add lots of spray for a trendy, funky look.

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