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Used wedding gowns are becoming a way for brides to find the dress of their dreams at an affordable price.

If the idea of used wedding gowns appeals to you, we have suggestions on how to find one and what to look for.

Before you start looking at used wedding gowns, try on a few different dresses at a bridal salon. Make a note of which style is the most flattering, which fabrics will be the most suitable and what size fits the best. Armed with this information, you are now ready to look at used bridal gowns and make an educated decision.

Where to Look for a Used Wedding Gown....

Start by asking friends and family members who are recently been married if they have a wedding dress for sale. Very often, the idea of preserving a used wedding gown for a future daughter becomes a reality that it is a cumbersome item to store.

Consignment shops that specialize in used wedding attire are a wealth of sizes, styles and designers. Some consignment shops receive stock from bridal salons that have dresses that were not picked up or overstocked. Imagine finding the dress of your dreams at a fraction of the price! And in new condition - not a used wedding gown.

Your local newspaper may have a classified section just for used wedding gowns.

Be Aware of the Following When Shopping for Used Wedding Gowns....

Alteration can be very expensive - find a seamstress and discuss prices with her before you start shopping.

Always by a dress larger than smaller - it is less costly to take in a dress than to let one out.

Examine the dress closely for wear, be especially critical of the under arm area and the hem. Look closely for stains.

Check to see if the beading is intact, and make a note of how much repair will be needed.

If the used wedding gown you have chosen needs to be dry cleaned - be aware that the cost could be around $100. It is a good idea to discuss dry cleaning a used wedding gown with a professional cleaner. They will have suggestions on which fabrics and embellishments withstand the cleaning solutions.

Discover Used Wedding Dresses Online...

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