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Finding cheap wedding dresses is easy - you just have to know where to look.

Cheap wedding dresses aren't tacky bridal gowns, they are beautiful dresses that just cost less than their expensive counterparts! A smart Bride knows this! The secret to finding a cheap wedding dress is to keep an open mind. When looking for a dress that you can wear as your wedding dress lookfor the unexpected.

Helpful ideas on finding cheap wedding dresses....

  • Browse dress shops for evening wear or prom gowns after their season is over. Many stores, including bridal salons offer a significant savings at the end of each season, preparing to make room for new styles.
  • I have a red headed friend who wore a bright blue, strapless party dress to her summer, garden style wedding - she looked fabulous!
  • Wear a bridesmaids dress in off white or pastel for an informal wedding.
  • Another bride I know, paid less than $20. For a full length, white sheath dress from a clearance rack. With the addition of a tulle wrap and some fabulous jewelry, she looked stunning for her afternoon wedding. Now that's a cheap wedding dress!
  • Use accessories to personalize a simple dress and make yours a truly unique wedding gown.
  • Rent a gown. Many stores rent both dressy formal wear and bridal gowns; others just specialize in bridal attire.

More ideas for finding cheap wedding dresses....

Check out consignment shops and newspapers. Sometimes weddings are cancelled, or newly married brides are looking to recoup some of the money they just spent. The gown may need alterations and cleaning, so figure that into the cost and take the time to inspect the dress carefully.

Another good way to find cheap wedding dresses is to check with bridal salons in your area to see if they have gowns that have never been picked up. Sometimes a bride will put a deposit on a gown, and for a number of reasons she never returns to pick it up. The salon may be willing to sell the gown for the 50 percent balance that's owed, since they've already collected a 50 percent deposit from the first bride.

Borrow a gown that your mother, sister, or friend wore at their wedding. This is not only cost saving, but it also adds a touch of sentiment to the ceremony, as something borrowed.

....and more ideas on finding cheap wedding dresses.

  • Another way to find cheap wedding dresses is to ask bridal salons if they offer a discount on your gown if you purchase all the bridesmaids dresses from them.
  • Buy a simple, inexpensive gown from a bridal salon or store and add your own embellishments. Be sure to check local fabric stores for prices and availability of lace, sequins and appliques before taking this route.
  • Ebay is a great place to find cheap wedding dresses. Be sure you know exactly what you are getting - read the description and do not hesitate to contact the seller if you have any questions. Many bridal salons use Ebay to clear out end of the season dresses.
  • Order the gown in a less expensive fabric. If the dress style you like is out of your price range, see if the dress can be made in a less expensive fabric.
  • Find a wedding gown that is what you want, and avoid expensive changes, such as changing the train length or style of sleeve. Keep alterations to a minimum; order the closest size, to your largest measurement, from the manufacturers size chart.