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BRIDESMAIDS GIFTS - Selecting the perfect bridesmaids gifts should be the easiest task of all.

After all no one knows you like the girls in wedding party. After all you have been through - the laughter and the tears - doesn't the bridesmaids gift deserve to be a huge Thank-you!

The tradition of the bridal party began in ancient Rome with a bride selecting close friends and relatives to accompany and protect her on the journey to the marriage ceremony.

Times have changed, of course, and while bridesmaids have less of a bodyguard role these days, their participation is no less important.

Bridesmaids offer faithful support and generous advice as wedding plans take shape. As a remembrance of her cherished friendship, the thoughtful bride always presents each bridesmaid with a gift as an expression of esteem, love and gratitude.

Jewelry as a bridesmaids gifts can be worn on the wedding day and make a very special keepsake....

Thank Your Bridesmaids A little gift for the big day that they can wear from here on in. Pearl and crystal necklace and earring sets in fabulous colors make the perfect accessory to the bridesmaids dresses - and an appropriate bridesmaid gift.

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Jewelry Sets as a Bridesmaids gift
What's more beautiful than a bevy of maidens who happen to be your best friends? Dress them up with these gorgeous colored pearls - a beautiful bridesmaids gift and keepsake.

Unique & personalized bridesmaid gifts....

Engraved Bridesmaids Gifts Personalized & engraved gifts show that you took the time to give something that will be cherished forever. Free engraving and your bridesmaids gift is shipped in 48hours!

Jillery's beautiful silver picture frames are hand crafted and adorned with glass beads that can be customized in 10 different colors. Each frame can also be personalized with a name or special message...a perfect gift for your bridesmaids!

Make those bridesmaids feel extra special....

  • Take the time to get personal with your bridesmaid - attach a note expressing why you chose them to be a part of your special day.
  • choose a special time to distribute the gifts, plan a special bridesmaids lunch or a girls spa day.
  • If the gift you have chosen is to be a part of their wedding day attire - be sure to make that very clear.