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Bridal jewelry should compliment, not out shine your wedding gown.

Selecting the right bridal jewelry can be tricky, you will want something that allows the beautiful details of your dress to shine through. The more elaborate the dress the simpler the bridal jewelry, the simpler the dress the fancier the wedding jewelry.

In order to be sure that your ensemble is coming together, be sure to have a trial run. Duplicate your hairstyle and with your dress on, experiment with different bridal jewelry styles. Inlist the help of friends and family to offer their suggestions - who knows someone may have the perfect heirloom piece for your "something borrowed".

Also keep in mind the tone of the wedding-beach versus formal church service. Remember that proportion is the key. Bridal jewelry is an important accent on your wedding day, but the best choices don’t take center stage.

Bridal  Gown JewelryWedding jewelry needs to compliment your wedding dress color, if you are wearing an off white or creamy dress, look for bridal jewelry in gold rather than white gold, or silver.

Our favorite jewelry ideas....

A bride’s best friend are pearls. The lustrous white color is a beautiful complement to a white or off-white wedding gown. Pearls are a hot statement now and reflect fashion's facination with beautiful timeless pieces. Colored pearls are all the craze now, and the hues range from gray to golden to pastel pink. Apricot pearls are among the trendiest selections.

Bridal jewelry is a great way to add color to your wedding day ensemble. Sapphires, emeralds and semi-precious stones can add just a bit of punch to your wedding jewelry.

Another place for wedding jewelry is in your hair. If you do plan to wear a tiara, which is a hot wedding accessorie now, adding a large necklace may be overpowering. Small jeweled clips or pins strewn throughout your hair can add subtle dazzle, and may be just enough bridal jewelry.

Your best choice for bridal jewelry....

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From romantic visions to sleek cuts, we've got bridal jewelry in pearls, cubic zirconias, and rhinestones. Uncover our treasure of bridal styles.
  • Crystal Bridal Sets
    You're envisioning something with a subtle sparkle and a soft glow. The answer is crystal clear - our dazzling crystal bridal jewelry in perfectly matched sets.
  • Cubic Zirconia Bridal Sets
    Touches of sparkle for your finest hour. Don't forget to add beautiful accessories of cubic zirconia to your bridal attire.
  • Pearl Bridal Sets with Accents
    A blend of traditional and modern, classic and chic. Check out our selection of pearls blended with cubic zirconia and crystal accents.

Freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystal handmade tiaras, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings become instant heirlooms. Our unique tiaras double as necklaces for your life's occasions after the big day is long gone.

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